Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

The Director of Al Mayadeen‘s office in occupied Palestine reported that the Israeli occupation forces killed four Palestinians in Burqin. “The Israeli occupation Special Forces raided Burquin and other Palestinian towns, carrying out an assassination,” he said.

He also reported that the martyrs rose in Burqin and Bidu in northwest occupied Jerusalem.

The martyrs were Osama Soboh from Burqin, whose wedding was set for next month, Ahmed Zahran from Bidu, whose brother was murdered by the IOF 23 years ago, Mahmoud Hmeidan from Bidu, and Zakariya Badwan from Bidu, a father of two children.

The Palestinian health ministry confirmed a total of 4 deaths from Israeli gunfire during raids in the West Bank. A post by @shejae3a on Twitter contains photos of the Palestinian martyrs.

“The blood of the martyrs of Al-Quds and Jenin shed this dawn will fuel our people’s revolution against the Zionist occupier. Our people’s revolution and their will won’t waver in the face of the occupation’s might,” Hamas said in a statement following the operation that took place in the West Bank.

Hamas saw that the martyrdoms that took place today are the result of the security coordination with the Israeli occupation, calling it the “fruit of the normalization meetings the Palestinian Authority held with the occupation ministers and Knesset members in Ramallah a few days ago.”

The Popular Resistance Committees called on the Palestinian people after news about the martyrdoms to continue resisting at all points of contact with the Israeli occupation forces.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine said the Israeli occupation continues to commit crimes against the Palestinian people, and called for more solidarity and unity and to “take the issue to the battlefields and open confrontation with the occupation throughout the occupied territories.”

Palestinian media reported earlier today that the Israeli occupation forces raided Jenin, Burqin, and Kafr Dan, leading to armed confrontations with Palestinians that left one local injured. The Israeli occupation forces also detained 4 civilians.