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Syrian students in Slovakia renew standing by homeland in war against terrorism .

Bratislava, SANA- Syrian students studying in Slovakia have renewed their standing by the homeland in its war against terrorism and its tools, and they underlined determination to continue their educational attainment to actively contribute to the reconstruction process.

“October Liberation War constituted a watershed in the history of the Arab nation and a turning point in modern history, as it restored the Arab citizen’s confidence in his ability to achieve victories,” the National Union of Syrian Students said in a statement on occasion of October Liberation War.

The Syrian Arab Army’s victories over Takfiri terrorist organizations constitute an extension of the October war victory, the statement added.

The statement highlighted the important and influential role played by the Syrian students abroad as they convey a true image about what is taking place in Syria of terrorism and criminality at the hands of terrorist organizations and their backers.

source : SANA.SY