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Al-Assadi: Based on Evidence, We are Qualified To Win .

The spokesperson of the Al-Fateh Alliance in Iraq Ahmed al-Assadi said on Tuesday that they will not waste one single vote of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) votes and will not back down.

Al-Assadi asserted that Al-Fatah’s rejection of the results is not directed towards any party, adding that they should be transparent in order to convince the masses.

He pointed out that one million votes were not yet counted within the declared preliminary results, saying that they have evidence they got enough votes to win.

In the same context, Al-Assadi noted that the appeal is ongoing, and they have videotapes of all the electoral stations.

On another note, Al-Fatah requested the Iraqi judiciary to hold a trial against Muhannad Naim, the Prime Minister’s electoral security advisor, who confessed having been assigned to infiltrate the electoral process and destroy electoral files that target particular blocs.

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