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‘Russian Invasion’ hype goes on: Fox claims US and Europe expect refugee wave from Ukraine

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The United States is working to make necessary preparations for large-scale refugee and migrant crises that might arise amid the escalation of the situation around Ukraine, US broadcaster Fox News reported Sunday, citing a source familiar with the matter.

European countries were also reported to be discussing possible housing and migration flows of displaced Ukrainians who will presumably flee to other European regions, the source added. Fox also reported, citing congressional sources, that Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley held a closed-door briefing with unnamed lawmakers, informing them that Kiev would fall within 72 hours if Russia launched a military operation against Ukraine, and the invasion would likely result in about 15,000 fatalities among the Ukrainian troops and 4,000 among Russian troops.

Russian servicemen during the Command Post exercise of the Airborne Force at the Opuk base in Crimea.
© Sputnik / Igor Rudenko
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Some US lawmakers were concerned that Washington did not provide Kiev with timely and significant military assistance, such as anti-aircraft and rocket launcher systems. However, the Biden administration officials present at the briefing responded by saying that military aid of such a calibre could be seen as a reason to attack Ukraine, Fox News reported.

Russia has repeatedly denied all the accusations of plans to invade Ukraine and expressed concern over NATO’s military activities encroaching upon its borders. Moscow does not rule out the possibility of the “hysteria” around Ukraine being a tool for the West to carry out a provocation.

Source: Sputnik