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Russian military accuses US of provoking tensions -“US and NATO carry full responsibility for possible escalation”

The Russian military has accused the United States of provoking tensions in the region, due to increased flights of strategic-bombers and spy planes over the Black Sea.
As a result of increased activity of the US Air-Force over Crimea and the Black Sea, Col.-Gen. Sergei Rudskoi, head of the Russian General Staff’s main operational department, warned the United States and said that the “US and NATO carry full responsibility for a possible escalation.”
The bombers which flew as close as 11 km near the Russian border, simulated missile strikes at Russian facilities in its southern region, according to the General.
However, the US has denied these claims and stated that the purpose of its increased activity was based on the “ability to continually execute flying missions and sustain readiness in support of our Allies and partners.”
The activity of the US air-force near Crimea has increased by 40% since 2019.