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Iran displays wrecked US drone that was shot down last year

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard on Sunday, displayed the unmanned plane that it shot down over the Strait of Hormuz last year.
According to the Fars News Agency, the Iranian authorities displayed the downed U.S. aircraft at the Aerospace Industries Exhibition in Tehran.
The “Global Hawk” drone is one of the newest spy planes in the world, and its value is estimated at more than $200 million.
It is produced by the American company “Northrop” and it is currently in use by the U.S. military, the Fars News Agency reported.
The Air Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard announced in June 2019 that it had shot down a Global Hawk drone, which was flying over the coast of Koh Mubarak, in the Iranian state of Hormuzgan.
While the U.S. military said that ” there was no American aircraft operating over Iranian airspace,” Tehran contrasted this claim and accused the U.S. military of violating its territorial borders.