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Iran confirms its air defenses shot down foreign drone in East Azerbaijan

On Tuesday, the Iranian air defenses shot down a drone near the city of Malakan in the East Azerbaijan province, amid the ongoing tension between Azerbaijan and Armenia in the Nagorno Karabakh region.
Military sources said on Iranian state television, “The Iranian defenses shot down the enemy drone while it penetrated the country’s airspace in the northwest part of the country in East Azerbaijan province.”
The sources did not specify the identity of the drone that was shot down.
On Monday, the Iranian Internal Security Forces warned Azerbaijan and Armenia that any mortar shells would fall by mistake near the Iranian border during the ongoing clashes between them will result in a response from their troops.
The Deputy Commander of the Iranian Internal Security Forces, Brigadier General Qassem Rezaei, said, “One of our serious demands as a neighbor of the two countries is to resolve the issue through negotiations.”
Brigadier General Rezaei added, “The clashes have intensified between the two countries in recent days, and they are exchanging fire. We are monitoring this matter and I even sent a message this morning to border guards on both sides.”