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Russian and Syrian forces kill several radical Islamic terrorist in North Syria

The Russian Armed Forces were filmed recently carrying out an operation in the Hama Governorate to destroy a militant cave near the administrative border of Idlib.

In the video shared by Russia’s Channel 5 News, the Russian Armed Forces can be seen combing through the militant cave inside the northwestern countryside of the Hama Governorate.

Just before they blew up the cave, the Russian forces can be seen coming across weapons left behind by the militant forces that once occupied this area of Hama.

The Russian Armed Forces have been conducting combing operations with their sapper units to dismantle explosives left behind by the jihadists and Turkish-backed militants in the Hama, Idlib, Aleppo and Latakia governorates.

The purpose of these operations is to ensure the safety of the areas before the displaced civilians return to their homes.