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Poverty and Pandemic Devour Bangladesh

Concerns regarding health system

According to the US newspaper “The New York Times,” the healthcare system in Bangladesh is failing as a result of the third and most fatal wave of Covid-19. However, the government lifted most of the lockdown measures on Wednesday to restore the economy and allow people to return to work.

Banks, stores, and malls can reopen, and buses and trains can resume service. The garment industry was back on track two weeks ago, encouraging hundreds of employees to return to the city, Dhaka. It is vital to mention that health experts are warning that loosening the restrictions would intensify the outbreak.

Reason behind restrictions removal

According to a report published last April, the pandemic has sunk over 24.5 million people into poverty. Thus, government advisors, declared that the restrictions must be removed.

Moreover, one of the officials stated that it is impossible to keep the country closed forever.

It is worth mentioning that hospitals were flooded with people infected with Covid-19, given the fact that only 4% of the population was completely vaccinated. Therefore, to treat patients, officials are renting hotels and building temporary hospitals.