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Raisi: Iran to Continue Cooperating with China

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi exchanged congratulatory messages on the 50th anniversary of Chinese-Iranian diplomatic relations.

“Since the establishment of the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership Agreement between the two countries in 2016, mutual political trust has been strengthened and cooperation has increased,” divulged Jinping in his letter.

The Chinese president also expressed his optimism for the future of Chinese-Iranian relations and his country’s willingness to “cooperate with the Iranian president to strengthen friendship and enhance cooperation in the interest of both countries.”

On his end, Raisi stressed that Iran and China are “ancient civilizations,” and their friendship “is historical and it strengthens the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries.”

As the bilateral diplomatic relations enter their sixth decade, the Iranian president expressed he is “ready to continue to raise the level of strategic cooperation” with China.

Last March, a copy of the Chinese-Iranian “Comprehensive Cooperation Program” document that was signed during a visit to Tehran by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, was published.

The document contains detailed sections of cooperation in all economic, industrial, agricultural, tourism and commercial, security, military, and credit sectors, as well as exchanging expertise in manpower training and technological cooperation.

The two countries will establish a working mechanism led by high-level officials to ensure coordination of the document’s implementation, with the High Representative holding annual meetings to discuss progress in the functioning process, under the supervision of both countries’ Ministries of Foreign Affairs.

The two countries have also cooperated in fighting the Corona pandemic, with Beijing delivering more than 1 million doses of the Chinese vaccine in July, completing the transfer of 10 million doses to Iran.