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Ben Omar: Israeli Planes Monitoring Tunisian Coasts and Regional Waters

The Spokesperson for the Tunisian Forum for Social and Economic Rights, Ramadan ben Omar, said that “Tunisia is gradually turning into a spearhead in the European security approach.”

Ben Omar noted in a Facebook post, “As we are unaware, our sovereignty is being violated by UAVs powered by Israeli technology taking off from Malta and Italy, monitoring our coasts and regional waters and sending coordinates for the Tunisian navy so as to intercept migrant boats.”

He added that “the interception orders are now issued by Frontex (European Border and Coast Guard Agency) and the navy would conduct the interception, using European equipment,” pointing out to sea chases, teargas, and the destruction of decrepit wooden boats.

Ben Omar also said that “we are now being intercepted in regional, international, and even Italian and Maltese waters. Crimes are being committed at sea away from camera lenses that would expose what is happening with collusion from our side. Bodies of aspiring youth, who have believed in the European dream, are seen floating in the sea. We count the winners and losers, yet we do not count our disappointment, silence, and conspiracy. In that sea, our sovereignty and the dignity of our sons are drowning, while our shameful silence remains afloat.”