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Al-Mayadeen sources: US Military base in Al-Tanf Targeted with Missiles

Sources revealed to al-Mayadeen that the US military base in al-Tanf was bombed by 5 drones and missile launchers, as soldiers’ residences and military barracks were targeted, setting fire to the base and leading to its partial destruction.

Al-Mayadeen sources indicated that all information concerning casualties remains “unavailable to this moment.”

For its part, the Syrian opposition Observatory reported hearing explosions at the US military base, on the border between Syria, Jordan, and Iraq.

In the same context, sources revealed to Sputnik that fire broke out inside the base, as well as in one of the nearby sites occupied by militants loyal to the US army, while the sounds of explosions were clearly heard deep in the Syrian Badia.

The Syrian Badia constitutes an open desert space intertwined with the 55 km area, which has long sheltered ISIS remnants.

The 55 km area, which is under the protection of US warplanes, circles around the illegal al-Tanf base, which US forces use on the Syrian-Iraqi-Jordanian borders as a headquarters for their soldiers and for some of the militants of armed organizations, such as the “Syrian Revolutionary Commando Army”.

A communications tower and some points surrounding it in the Palmyra area in the Homs countryside were subjected to an Israeli airstrike, last Wednesday night, which originated from the al-Tanf area, according to a military source at the time.

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