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After Targeting Al-Tanf, Is Washington Heading Towards Diplomatic Solutions in Syria?

No party has yet claimed responsibility for targeting the US-British Al-Tanf base on Wednesday.

The most likely assessment is that the attack is a response to the Israeli air aggression on the Palmyra area in the eastern countryside of Homs on October 13th, which resulted in the martyrdom of a Syrian soldier and the wounding of 3 others. 

Unews Agency quoted the leadership of the Syria Allies Operations Room saying that it had taken a decision to respond “harshly” to the Israeli aggression on Palmyra, pointing out that the targets which the Israeli planes attacked were service centers and gathering points for ‘the men’ [Syrian soldiers].

The question remains: Will Washington back down and adopt diplomatic solutions or push things in another direction?

The Iranian diplomat and strategist Amir Mousavi told Al Mayadeen that the most important message from the targeting of Al-Tanf is that the “protector against terrorism” is vulnerable.

Mousavi divulged that the Al Tanf base was equipped with the best methods of confronting missiles, and it still failed, adding that the base does not fight terrorism but rather protects and strengthens it to weaken the security of  Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon. 

Regarding what might be termed a strategic response by US policy in the area, Mousavi remarked, “Iran has made up its mind to activate the strategic accords with Russia and China.”

The Iranian strategist declared that the confrontation has now begun, the “ground  is ready, and the joint operations room has now put all plans in place.”
In turn, the former Russian diplomat Vyacheslav Matuzov explained that the Syrian people “have suffered for 10 years from problems resulting from Western positions,” and pointed out that terrorists who infiltrated the Badia were trained in Al-Tanf.

Matuzov stressed that “Russia’s goals in Syria are not to confront the US and Israel, but rather to confront terrorism.” He added that “the US military presence in Syria violates international law,” noting that “the Israeli attacks on Syria are provocative, and it is a challenge to Russia.”

For his part, Paulo von Schirach, director of the Global Policy Institute  in Washington, “The damage in the attack may not be significant, but it is significant and will definitely be taken into account.”
Von Schirach explained that “the preconditions that Iran put forward in the nuclear negotiations are unacceptable to Washington.”

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