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Israeli Air Force reportedly carries out new raids over Beirut

BEIRUT (Sputnik) – Aircraft of the Israeli air force has violated Lebanese airspace in a new episode of flights over Beirut and its outskirts on Wednesday, Lebanese media reported.

According to Lebanon’s National News Agency, the sound of an explosion was heard in the outskirts of Beirut. An Israeli aircraft flew at the speed of sound in the airspace over Keserwan District in the north of the city, the media said. A Sputnik correspondent confirmed sounds of aviation were heard in the Lebanese capital in the morning. The Israeli air force has constantly violated Lebanese airspace, carrying out reconnaissance flights over the southern and central parts of the country, and the Beqaa Valley. Israeli fighter jets has used Lebanese airspace to strike Syrian territory.

The most recent air attack took place on Monday, when Israel launched several missiles from the direction of Riyaq, a Lebanese town east of Beirut, targeting some areas in the vicinity of the Syrian capital, Damascus. Lebanon has repeatedly sent notes of protest to the United Nations demanding that it put pressure on Tel Aviv and make Israel respect Lebanese sovereignty, as well as comply with the UN Security Council Resolution 1701, adopted in 2006 after the last Lebanese-Israeli armed conflict.

Source: Sputnik