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SDF militia continues its siege of al-Zohour, Ghwairan neighborhoods

Hasaka, SANA-The US occupation backed-SDF militia continued its siege of Ghwairan and al-Zohour neighborhoods, amid increasing of locals’ suffering who were unable to flee to the center of Hasaka city and to safe neighborhoods during clashes and shelling of the US occupation forces under the pretext of pursuing those who ran away from the Industrial High School Prison since January 20th

Local sources from al-Zohour neighborhood told SANA that SDF militia closed the neighborhood, raised the earth mounds in its vicinity, and prevented the entry of the vehicles and individuals completely, amid great suffering due to lack of services and foodstuffs.

The sources added that this measure raises fears among the locals as it may lead to their displacement from the neighborhood which is located next to the US occupation position

The militia, under the pretext of events that have taken place in the neighborhood over the past few days, tries to force the locals to leave their houses permanently, particularly that the militia has previously evacuated residential buildings in the areas adjacent to the US occupation forces bases in Ghwairan neighborhood, according to the sources

In the same context, the local sources in Ghwairan neighborhood said that the militia’s practices against locals came within the framework of implementing the US occupations’ schemes, asserting that all what happened in the Industrial High School Prison was a pretext to destroy the adjacent buildings and houses overlooking on the US occupation bases in the area.

The locals demanded the intervention of international relief organizations in order to help people and stop the militia’s violations against them and help them return to their normal lives, especially that SDF militia continues to demolish the houses in Ghwairan neighborhood at a time when the displaced families continue to reside in temporary shelters as a result of preventing them from entering the neighborhood

Source: SANA