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Unidentified Aircraft Crosses Airspace of 4 European Countries, Romanian Defence Ministry Says

 A small-sized twin-engine aircraft that took off from Hungary crossed the airspace of Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Bulgaria, the Romanian defence ministry said on Thursday.

“A small-sized twin-engine aircraft, Beechcraft-type, with two persons onboard, flew at low altitude over the air space of Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Bulgaria, in the evening of 8 June”, the ministry said in a statement, adding that the aircraft showed no hostile behavior.

The pilot ignored radio interrogations and the visual signals transmitted by the military interceptors, the ministry noted.

The plane, which took off from Hungarian territory, was first intercepted by the Hungarian Air Force, then the aircraft entered Romanian airspace, where it was first escorted by US Air Force aircraft and then intercepted by the Romanian Air Force, the statement added. Later, the plane entered the Bulgarian airspace.

“The Bulgarian authorities are currently investigating, on the ground, the area where the target was last seen in order to identify the aircraft and establish further details,” the statement read.

The Hungarian defence ministry reported that Lithuanian markings were seen on the plane, which was heading from Slovakia to Romania.

The ministry also noted that the plane landed in the Hungarian town of Hajduszoboszlo for the refueling, but later took off again.

Source: Sputnik

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